Nigeria has one of the highest consumer rates of poultry and livestock in West Africa. With a Standard GDP growth, it managed to surpass all other countries of West Africa in Poultry and livestock business. For job creation and human development, Poultry and Livestock is main concern occupation and it offers great potential to the agriculture sector. Poultry and Livestock business activities account for reasonable figure in the Nigeria income. As a major consumer and producer of various poultry and livestock products locally, Nigeria is rate as best commercial hub for poultry and Livestock products and services in the whole West Africa.

  • Nigeria’s largest Poultry and Livestock exhibition: This is most essential get-together for Poultry and livestock business in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • Comprehensible focus: The event will cover entire value chain for poultry and livestock industry Nigeria.
  • Buyer-Seller meeting point: A one on one business meeting with buyers from different segments of poultry and livestock industry from all over West Africa countries.
  • Lagos, Nigeria: Lagos, most populous city in West Africa and the business center for international and local poultry and livestock products and service providers in Nigeria.
  • Seeking latest innovation.
  • Looking for new customers or clients.
  • Possible business ventures and tie-ups.
  • Networking
  • Searching for ways and means to expand the business.