The Exclusive Sourcing Hub for trending FEEDVET in the Region

Nigeria FeedVet Tech Expo

It offers educational sessions and workshops by industry experts that provide valuable information on market trends, regulatory frameworks, and best practices in feed production and animal health management.

It provides a platform for networking and fostering partnerships among key players, including farmers, veterinarians, researchers, and suppliers. This allows for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

It showcases cutting-edge products, services, and technologies related to animal nutrition, feed and feed additive. Suppliers can gain insights on innovative solutions that can enhance their networking and sales operations.

It raises awareness about the importance of sustainable farming practices while encouraging investment in the sector and fosters innovation by leveraging technological advancements to optimize animal nutrition.

It fosters professional growth by enabling practitioners to stay connected with emerging developments in the field of animal nutrition and feed productions such as product launches or deals between participants.

This holistic approach outlined by the Nigeria Feed Vet Expo aims to improve productivity, profitability, food security, livelihoods of smallholder farmers while safeguarding animal health in the country’s agricultural sector.

WHY Nigeria FeedVet Expo, NFVEXPO 2024.

The Nigeria FeedVet Expo, NFVEXPO 2024, serves as the ultimate platform for industry professionals to source trending feed and vet products in the region. With a focus on promoting sustainable livestock production, this expo brings together renowned suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and buyers from across Nigeria and beyond.

Through insightful panel discussions, seminars, and workshops, attendees gain valuable insights into current market trends, innovative technologies, and best practices in animal nutrition and veterinary care. The event offers a comprehensive showcase of high-quality feed ingredients, additives, supplements, vaccination equipment, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, and much more. Exhibitors have the opportunity to present cutting-edge solutions that enhance animal health and productivity while complying with international standards.

 The Nigeria FeedVet Expo, NFVEXPO 2024, not only facilitates networking opportunities but also fosters collaboration among stakeholders with the shared goal of improving the overall health and well-being of livestock animals in Nigeria.