This edition, 3rd, will integrate new product and service exhibition, marketing and technical exchange and B2B tour and trade talks together. Also, there will open an active business matchmaking window through which exhibitor and agricultural enterprises may march into the productive business market, and will realize an annual get-together for international poultry and livestock business performers.

  1. Trading with 100 poultry and Livestock products and service suppliers from over 20 countries & regions
  2. Assembly with 500 relevant professionals from West Africa countries & regions
  3. Learning latest products, technologies and market dynamics from NIPOLI conferences
  4. Build brand awareness and active clients
  5. Generate new markets, sales leads and business network
  6. Demonstrate products and service
  7. Conduct market research and meet the buyers face-to-face
  8. Be part of B2B trade and Tour opportunities
  9. Source new agents, distributors, importers or exporters
  10. Upgrade awareness of company or existing products
  11. Increase sales to current buyers