Why Exhibit

This edition will integrate new product and service exhibition, marketing and technical exchange and B2B tour and trade talks together. Also, there will open an active business matchmaking window through which exhibitor and agricultural enterprises may march into the productive business market, and will realize an annual get-together for international poultry and livestock business performers. […]

Why Attend

Nigeria has one of the highest consumer rates of poultry and livestock in West Africa. With a Standard GDP growth, it managed to surpass all other countries of West Africa in Poultry and livestock business. For job creation and human development, Poultry and Livestock is main concern occupation and it offers great potential to the […]

Industry Overview

Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa, with a total geographical area of 923,768 square kilometers. Its estimated population was 174.5 million people in 2013, and its population growth rate is 3% per annum. Nigerian economic statistics reveal annual economic growth rates that averaged over 7% in recent decades, making Nigeria one of […]

About Nigeria

About Nigeria President: Muhammadu Buhari (2015) Land area: 351,649 sq mi (910,771 sq km); total area: 356,667 sq mi (923,768 sq km) Population (2014 est.): 177,155,754 (growth rate: 2.47%); birth rate: 38.03/1000; infant mortality rate: 74.09/1000; life expectancy: 52.62 Capital (1991 est.): Abuja, 2.153 million Largest cities: Lagos (2011 est.), 11.223 million; Kano, 3.375 million; […]